The State of Unionism in Northern Ireland

Unionism in a tailspin is bad for Unionism but it’s bad for everyone in Northern Ireland too. Unionism needs to change, if it doesn’t it will continue to accelerate unification, but when will that change begin, perhaps a crucial starting point would be for the DUP and UUP to admit there is a problem…

I support the thoughtful analysis on concerning the current state of Unionist politics in Northern Ireland.

I particularly support the points on the poor leadership standard and the need to tackle poverty and deprivation. As a former unionist, I consider the main issue with Unionism is arrogance. While Unionist Parties broadcast self-assuring rhetoric, the UK is crumbling, and nobody is promoting the UK in a positive light.

Scotland’s independence movement is strong, and if Scotland leaves, the UK ends.

The Democratic Unionist Party’s pro-Brexit stance has not helped the strength of the union with Great Britain. Nor should Northern Ireland allow several hundred rioters to influence the outcome for 1.8 million people.

We should also move away from the language of wins and defeats, the only language in the article I don’t support.

For Unionism to survive, it needs to unite and bring all the grassroots communities with it. However, I’ve become more open to persuasion of what a new Ireland could offer.

Still, just as Unionists are not selling the UK’s benefits, nobody is bothering to design a new Ireland. If arrogance exists within Unionism, laziness exists within Nationalism.

Why I Turned My Back on Culture

rejecting my culture

Culture and heritage can be sensitive issues for us. Over the years, I have grown distant from my cultural background, though perhaps I was never truly part of it.