What Is My Life Expectancy?

life expectancy estimate

In Friday Night Dinner, the Dad checked his life expectancy on the web to see how long he would live. Guess who couldn’t resist doing the same?

Running for Bliss

I no longer run for gold anymore, but I still run. Most days, I lace up my trainers and go out for a run, and the benefits to me are huge. Getting my blood pumping, clearing my lungs and my mind and making me feel so much better.

Greg Morris

I came across a post recently by fellow-microblogger Greg Morris. Greg sums up the benefits of running in one short paragraph. Previously I had stretched out to seventeen reasons why I run.

If there is one thing you can do to help your body and mind; it’s run. Run slow, run alone or with friends, just run. There’s no need to join a club, enter races or beat personal bests.

Just run.

Run for Your Life

benefits of running

I run slowly because any time I up my pace an injury eventually puts me off the road. But I love it. Dark and lonely nights or sunny afternoons, it doesn’t matter. I run for my life.