How to Heal a Broken Heart

If you ever suffer a broken heart, remember one thing.

The undiscovered country, your future, could hold excitement and new relationships. We all have the freedom to choose sadness or life.

When a relationship continually goes off the rails, it means you’re in the wrong relationship. Leave blind romance behind and be open to the possibilities to come.

When my first serious relationship broke up, I was confused and desperate to make it work. I chased, phoned and made unannounced visits, but nothing could salvage the romance.

When I accepted the relationship was over, I turned the focus to salvaging myself.

By sharing how I mended a broken heart, I hope you will find some way to recover and move on in life.

Love Yourself

A broken relationship usually leaves one person hurting more than the other. Emotions are strong, and when you’re at an all-time low, you must avoid angry confrontations.

It’s also essential to avoid being just good friends because it holds you both back.

Instead, love and stay friends with yourself. Some people will jump to conclusions.

Let them.

People will always take sides depending on who they’re closer to, so hold your head high.

Love Possibilities

You can create new memories if you remain social. Don’t shut yourself away and ruminate over the past.

I made new friends, and a determined effort to visit places I’d been as a couple. To avoid certain areas because of the memories, they hold only exacerbates a sense of loss. I wanted to claim those places back, for me.

The sense of independence opened my mind to the future, and I was content being single.

There’s nothing wrong with being single, and it’s much better than clinging to a broken relationship.

Love Being Single

I was wrong to make happiness dependent on another person. When the relationship ended, happiness hit a wall. 

The pain of losing love forced me to regain my resilience and independence.

There’s nothing to fear from single-hood. It’s not a death. Let life unfold and see what happens.

Love the Other Person

If there’s one thing that will eat away at you, it’s holding a grudge. Try not to judge your ex-partner if they were at fault.

Nobody makes perfect decisions or follows ideal actions — we’re all human.

Adopt a sense of empathy to see the situation from the other’s point of view.

The woman I once loved came from a broken home and didn’t have a father during her childhood. Perhaps she looked to other men to replace the father figure?

I only began to heal when I felt compassion for both myself and my former love.

During a relationship break-up, the painful present will pass.

Don’t get hung up on meeting someone else too soon but remember, on a brighter note, the end of one relationship might be a step closer to a new one and the right one.