Email Resignation to Select Vestry

Dated: 30th November 2019

Dear all,

After a conversation last night it is clear to me there are those determined to continually cause division in the Parish and that ongoing tension among some members of the Select Vestry continues to drag bystanders into the situation.

Such a situation is intolerable and distracts from one purpose of church – to worship and learn more of God and how to apply such to life.

It is ironic that behind the scenes paranoias and egos are causing relationships to match the state of repair of the building. The latter also an example of Select Vestry failure.

I have therefore decided to remove myself from regular attendance at the Church until the New Year at least. I will of course continue to support Rita in her work for the Church. Rita at least does not undermine her positive contribution with an equal amount of negative.

(Best not to discuss over email – like Jā€™s grass cutting rota, responses to this email will be not be monitored but sent directly to bin).

Best regards