My name is Alan, writing not so secretly on the internet as a strategy for keeping sane.

The blog’s focus is on finding a path to being a better human being, discovering the confidence to speak one’s mind and accepting the imperfections of one’s mind.

We can sometimes be nervous about sharing our thoughts and opinions, which shouldn’t be the case.

Everyone has a right to express themselves, for better or worse. While I will try to avoid offending anyone, given the wide variety of human life on earth, I’m unlikely to succeed.

At least know the views and opinions I express here are at a moment in time and will likely evolve.

Feel free to connect with me and share your thoughts or responses to anything I write. You can find details of where to find me below.

I work in health and social care, have an Honours Degree in Business, and a Masters in, oddly enough, Health and Social Care.

Now, if I had to do it all over again, I would learn to code and be a developer rock star. 🚀

But alas, when I attended college, computer science involved ticker tape and punch cards. The day job though gives me an opportunity to provide a public service, which is a privilege.


  • The Beatles and Electric Light Orchestra
  • Living quietly in the countryside
  • My cats, Jasper and Jules (more than likes, I love ’em to bits)
  • Sci-Fi


  • Shared toilets
  • Commuting
  • Political correctness
  • Clothes getting tighter

I Can’t Understand

  • Why hotels only leave customers one roll of toilet paper per day; when there are TWO guests
  • As a teenager, I didn’t appreciate getting socks for a Christmas present when I loved getting them now.
  • My burning desire to upgrade the iPhone every year.
  • The failure of Holywood to make a motion picture of The Six Million Dollar Man.

I can also be found at:

Alan Marsden