7 Mistakes I’ve Made in My Career

I had been doing the same job for over ten years, and until COVID arrived, seated at the same desk.

The job was well-paid, and millions in society earn significantly less. However, individual decisions or thoughts on my part led me to become stuck.

When I look back, it’s not difficult to see where I went wrong. If wrong is the word.

Work-Related Mistakes

  1. I didn’t put myself forward for an interview every time an opportunity arose.
  2. I allowed one demanding boss to cause me to look at promotion negatively. On reflection, I was more than capable of handling him and the demands of a more senior position.
  3. I entered the comfort zone and used salary contentment as an excuse not to move on.
  4. I stopped looking for new opportunities.
  5. I didn’t put myself forward for new projects that could have helped me build confidence and develop new skills.
  6. I didn’t network with the right people, failed to build new relationships and thought hard work was enough.
  7. I never considered a move down the salary scale to open new challenges and opportunities for development.

Don’t make the same mistakes, but neither should you strive for promotion for promotion’s sake.

There is more to life than promotion, but also consider if remaining in the same role is healthy for you in the long term.

In Summary

I was happy with my position, salary, and, most importantly, my life. I am grateful for my home, wife, pets and health.

Maybe that’s okay.

However, you may have wondered why some of the narrative is in the past tense.

As 2021 began, I promised myself I would look for new opportunities. I saw one and grabbed it without wasting any time — a sideways move to another government department.

The year has begun with a new and exciting job. While I have the same salary, terms and conditions, I also have renewed energy and drive. And I get to meet new people.

I learned from my mistakes.